Terms & Conditions

Fees and charges policy

Glossary of Terms:

  • Victorian Department of Education and Training (VDET)
  • Australian Government Department of Human Services (AGDHS)
  • Ignite Minds (Service)
  • Educator (the family day care educator)
  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS)
  • Centrelink
  • Family (parent, guardian)
  • Gap fee (Educator fees as published on igniteminds.com.au - (minus) Child Care Subsidy )

The Service is responsible to collect all fees for the family day care educator. Ignite Minds collects all child care fees from families on behalf of the educator so that the appropriate CCS can be remitted to the family account.   Ignite Minds collect all fees for care from the families through direct debit or credit card and passes this on to the educator minus any service fees chargeable to the educator.  Ignite Minds does not charge families any service fees.  Ignite Minds does not accept any other form of payment for fees including cash, bpay or bank transfer.

All families will accept the direct debit agreement upon enrolment and will ensure they have enough funds to meet the direct debit schedule.

Families will pre pay 2 weeks in advance.  Each of the 2 weeks pre payment will be calculated based on all bookings between each Monday and the following Sunday.  The prepayment will be calculated using an estimate of the Gap fees as follows:  Full fees for child care - (minus) Estimated Child care Subsidy = Gap.  Families are responsible to pay any difference between the estimated Gap and the actual CCS received.  Where the estimated Gap differs from the actual CCS received from Centrelink an adjustment will be recorded on the Family statement. 

The prepayment represents a commitment by the family to the Educator and Service to attend on the booked days.  This prepayment is not a bond and is not refundable. Where a child is absent they will not be eligible for a refund or to swap days.  

When a child ceases care the family will provide 2 weeks written notice to Ignite Minds.  The notice will be in writing and clearly set out the name of the child, the child’s educators name, the date the notice is delivered to Ignite Minds.  Where notice is provided directly to a child’s Educator and this is not communicated to Ignite Minds, Ignite Minds will count the notice from the date Ignite Minds became aware of the notice.  Ignite Minds will calculate the 2 weeks from the Monday immediately following the date notice was provided.  Where a child does not attend on the final day of any notice period they will not be entitled to any CCS. 

All educator fees are published on www.igniteminds.com.au and can be changed by the Educator providing you with 2 weeks written notice.

Centrelink is solely responsible for determining each Families Child Care Subsidy rates.  You can estimate your rates here https://www.education.gov.au/sites/education/files/chcare/est/index.html

Families are solely responsible for managing their CCS reporting requirements with Centrelink.  If a family updates their income estimate, fails to meet participation test requirements, or fails to meet any correspondence requirements of Centrelink, this may impact on the CCS amount paid to Ignite Minds without notice to Ignite Minds.  Families acknowledge that any changes to their CCS rate will impact on any direct debit arrangement with Ignite Minds without notice.  Families therefore acknowledge that it is their responsibility to contact Ignite Minds for an updated fee estimated following any changes in CCS entitlements.

Ignite Minds will provide fortnightly usage statements.  Families can also login and run date based searches to confirm usage hours and CCS subsidies paid.